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What is SAPUI5?

SAP gives different tools that the clients can use to upgrade their user experience to make applications with rich UIs for Web business applications. The most widely recognized enablement devices incorporate −
  • Theme Designer
  • SAP UI5 Development Tools
  • NWBC and Side Panel
  • FPM Screens

Web-based apps that you make utilizing SAPUI5 gives more steady user experience and can be gotten to on devices, for example, tablets, cell phones, and laptop. Utilizing the NetWeaver portal with UI5, you can characterize an unmistakable partition between the UI and business logic.

SAPUI5 Overview

SAP UI5 gives the accompanying key highlights − 

         Extensibility ideas at the code and application level.

         Ability to make complex UI designs and predefined layout for commonplace use cases.

         Model-View-Controller (MVC) and data binding methods.

         Keyboard interaction support and openness highlights.

         SAP UI5 depends on open gauges like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

         Theming support based CSS.


Following are the Advantages of using SAP UI in business − 

         Increase user adaption.

         High execution of SAP system.

         Less manual mistakes.

         Perfectly designed API and can be devoured effectively.

         It helps in expanding efficiency.

         Reduce the cost of training.


SAP UI5 ─ Version

Following is the rundown of recent UI5 versions that have been presented. Each UI5 gives new highlights and improvements from the past renditions, Platform Support, convenience upgrades, and so on. 

         SAP UI5 1.26

         SAP UI5 1.28

         SAP UI5 1.30

         SAP UI5 1.32

         SAP UI5 1.34

         SAP UI5 1.36

         SAP UI5 1.38 and numerous more like SAP UI5 1.6


SAP UI5 - Architecture


In SAP UI5 architecture, you have three layers − 

  • At the best, is the presentation layer, where UI5 parts are devoured by devices like portable, tablets, and laptops.
  • At the middle layer, is the application customers that incorporate SAP UI5 libraries for theming and control. UI5 control libraries incorporate
    • Sap.viz
    • Sap.ui.commons(Controls like content fields and catches)
    • Sap.ui.table (Input controls for tables)
    • Sap.ui.ux3
    • Sap.m (Includes input control for cell phones)
  • At the bottom, is the alternative server part. This incorporates SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP/Java, SAP backend, HANA XS engine for advancement or database.SAP

SAP UI5 - MVC Concept

Model-View-Controller (MVC) idea is utilized as a part of SAP UI5 advancement to keep the application data isolated from the client interactions. This enables you to build up the web applications and roll out improvements to the applications autonomously.

Model-View-Controller plays a different role in UI improvement −

• The Model is in responsible for dealing with the application data in the database/backend.
• The View is in responsible for characterizing the UI to clients. At the point when a client sends solicitations from his device, the view is in responsible for data view according to the request submitted.
• The Controller is utilized to control the data and view occasions according to user interaction by refreshing the view and model.At the bottom, is the choice server segment. This incorporates SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP/Java, SAP backend, HANA XS engine for improvement or database.

SAPUI5 - MVC Concept

SAP UI5 offers Views and Controllers in the form of single files −
•    sap.ui.core.mvc.XMLView
•    sap.ui.core.mvc.JSView
•    sap.ui.core.mvc.Controller
•    sap.ui.core.mvc.JSONView

JSON Model

• JSON model is a customer side model and is utilized for small data collections.
• JSON model bolsters two-way binding. Data binding concept is specified in the last 50% of this tutorial.
• JSON model can be used to bind controls to JavaScript object data.

XML Model

• XML model can be utilized to bind controls to XML data.
• XML is additionally a customer side model and subsequently is utilized just for little data access.
• XML model doesn't give any mechanism for server-based paging or stacking of deltas.
• XML model likewise underpins two-way data binding.


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